Dave Frania - Keyboards - Guitar- Bass Keys - Vocals


 Born in Cleveland Ohio Dave has over fifty years of experience in the music industry as not only a talented Keyboardist and vocalist, but his credits also include guitar, bass keyboards & bass guitar, songwriter and producer. In addition to recording and producing three CD projects, he has opened for the legendary Allman Brothers and many of the bands from the 60's & 70's. He has played in bands with former members of Blackfoot, Lita Ford & WASP. Never to place limits on the types of music he performs and writes, Dave has participated in many Contemporary Christian projects as well; sharing the stage with Superstar Christian artists such as jars of clay, Casting Crowns, Ginny Owens, Fusebox, Darrell Evans, Eli to name a few.

 Cindy Frania - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

  Born in Detroit Michigan, Cindy comes from a very musical family. Her attributes include vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion. Cindy's smile and personality on and off the stage, bring an ease of performance that connects with her audience. Her credentials include from childhood, The Junior Zamarim (international folk music), Souled Out (Christian contemporary music), as well as backing vocals for various studios, and participation in several local bands here in SW Florida. 
Cindy has also been an avid song writer for many years, giving her the edge in truly understanding what she plays and it enables her to cross over to any genre she chooses

Daizy Aimless - Vocals - Percussion

Daizy has been a powerful force in the music scene for 20 plus years.  She has spent that time honing her vocal skills by performing songs from many different music genres such as Country, R&B, and Top 40 hits, to Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Metal, and even Pop!  Her powerful vocals, along with a seemingly natural performing ability, demands that you stand up and take notice.  Each performance leaves you feeling as if you've had a private glimpse into the heart and soul of every song she sings.  Watching her mesmerizes the audience, and the way in which she draws you in and holds on to your emotions is what truly sets this lady apart from other vocalists.  Daizy has opened for national acts such as Molly Hatchet, Rick Derringer, Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers, as well as Pat Travers.  She has shared the stage with various players from Bob Seger, The Dead End Kids, and Molly Hatchet to name a few, and most recently with Stet Howland, drummer from WASP & Lita Ford and Patrick Johannson, drummer for Yngwie Malmsteen. Along with various local musicians, she also writes and performs original material.  In a world of music that is always growing and changing, her versatility, along with her powerful vocals, & energetic stage show from start to finish, will keep her one of the front runners in the vocal arena. 








 Rob Oney - Drums - Percussion - Vocals





"Natural Talent" ,"Versatility", and "Drive", are the perfect words to describe drummer Rob Oney. Although rock is at his core, Rob has spent many of his forty years in the business. Styles of Jazz & Fusion took his talent further by increasing his abilities of technical skills, fundamentals and pure discipline, performing with "Ambush", a hard local favorite in the circuit. Rob has pushed his talents even higher , Well know for showcasing each of it's members, this band allowed him to express himself and add his own creativity as a drummer. He has opended for National acts including, Toby Keith, Richard Elliott, and Chubby Checker as well. His never ending quest to perfect his performance and learn new things is an attribute that Rob Oney exudes like no one else.






   Right now I'm living / working in South West Florida with a bunch of great people. I’m loving life in paradise with “ROCKIN’ HORSE”. So you can believe me, young one's and old alike when I tell you …“All I’m Gonna Do- Is ROCK!!!”






Pat Flanigan -lead guitar- vocals






Pat took up the electric guitar at 13. He started his musical career in Pittsburgh, PA entertaining in the tri-states’ very active college and bar scenes. Growing up surrounded by acts like Billy Price, The Rhythm Kings, Warren King/The Silencers (a high school classmate/friend) and Norm Nardini, Pat got the blues in his blood.  He eventually relocated to Florida where he was a founding member of the very popular Fort Myers band-Rocker. With Rocker, Pat opened shows for many “big name acts”. Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Alice Cooper and Billy Squire were some to drop a few names.  Rocker was offered a recording contract by a Capital Records A&R scout at one of those shows. They also played original Christian Rock music under the name of “a matter Of FAITH”. They wrote and recorded two CDs. They also opened shows for numerous touring Christian recording artists appearing in Southwest Florida. 




 Pat has also been involved with numerous blues side projects over the years. Pat’s day gig with Turner Broadcasting regularly took him to Atlanta where he helped produce & engineer and played guitar on 5 CD projects for several female blues singers. In Florida, he has performed with some notable blues players including world touring guitarist/singer/band leader/sideman Jimmy Scott and Iowa Blues Hall of Famer Steve E. George.  After retirement from CNN in 2015, Pat concentrated on his passion for playing classic rock and blues for live audiences in Southwest Florida.