UPDATE: It's been a year and we are bringing RH back with a new lineup!  We have a GREAT number of musicians who currently play in Jacob's Ladder, who will be joining Rockin' Horse on the occassions when Gabe (lead singer of JL) is singing with his tribute band, Xpedition. 

Confused yet?  Don't be!!  All you need to remember is: WE"RE BAAAAACK!!!  :-)

If you'd like to check out ALL of our projects, head over to www.cindylawless.com for dates and URL's.

This was the sad news last year:

Rockin'Horse has been SW Florida's Premier Classic Rock Band since 2010.  We are retiring the full band as of May 20th 2020. We have had a great run . Thanks for the great support we have had from our fans! All future dates are cancelled. Cindy & Dave are going to focus on David Lynn solo, The Flash Forward Duo, and our new project with Melissa Stadler The N2L Trio.



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 Rockin' Horse is excited to announce that we now have our new line-up!!  

 As always,Dave Frania on keys and bass & Vocals, Cindy Lawless on vocals and rhythm guitar, Danny Master Gorklo on Lead Guitar & vocals.  Lori Gorklo on guitar & Lead Vocals Rob Oney on drums, This group has chemistry, which means FUN, ENERGY and great music and harmonies!!!  Come on out and catch the new band!!

For your convenience go to: www.cindylawless.com for a one-stop calendar of BOTH Rockin' Horse AND the N2L Trio (Cindy,Melissa & Dave). Sign up for weekly newsletter with updates and inside news!!  Make sure you confirm by clicking the link when you get webmaster email... :-)























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